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    DoppelKlebe™ - Double-sided multifunctional adhesive tape (60 pcs) [Last day discount]

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    The versatile double-sided tape keeps items in place without slipping

    Why you will love it

    Strong and durable adhesion: Our multifunctional double-sided tape is made from high-quality material and ensures a strong, reliable bond. The clear tape provides a long-lasting adhesion and keeps items secure without nails, screws, or additional tools. The instant adhesive power requires no waiting for curing or drying.

    Customizable and user-friendly: This tape is designed to be easy to use without the need for cutting tools and can be easily cut to any size or length to suit your specific needs. Simply apply the tape to the surface of the item for a quick and effective bonding solution.

    Residue-free removal: The tape is designed to be removed without leaving any residue, keeping your surfaces clean and undamaged. It is designed to not damage the surface when tearing, making it ideal for temporary setups or rental spaces. (Note: Avoid using on cracked walls to prevent potential damage when removing).

    Versatile application: This double-sided tape adheres to almost any smooth surface, allowing you to attach a variety of items wherever you need them. From hanging pictures and posters to securing carpets and decorations, its versatility makes it a must-have in any home or office.

    No surface damage: The tape is specially formulated to peel off easily, leaving the surfaces it was applied to intact and free of damage. This feature is especially useful for preserving the integrity of painted walls, wood surfaces, and delicate materials.

    Multi-purpose use: Besides its primary adhesive function, the tape can be used for a variety of applications, including mounting picture frames, wall stickers, phone holders, and more. Its ability to hold items like flower pots, cups, and crafts makes it an invaluable tool for organizing and decorating spaces.

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