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    Bore Pump™ - Easy pumping of water from anywhere! [Last day discount]

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    Pump water faster in remote locations without spilling!

    Do you find pumping and transferring liquids from one container to another in remote locations very tedious and messy?

    The self-priming transfer pump makes it easy for you with its advanced pumping system.
    Self-priming and battery-free drill pump that you can use for both personal and professional use. Simply connect an electric drill and you will be surprised by the consistent and fast pumping performance of 5.3-7.9 gallons (20-30 liters) per minute.


    ✓ Use anywhere - For your next DIY project, you don't need to rent a water pump. The self-priming transfer pump is lightweight and compact. With dimensions of 5 x 2.5 inches (126 mm x 63 mm), you can easily store it in your pocket or toolbox and take it anywhere. Despite its small size, this drill pump is durable and even corrosion-resistant.

    ✓ Save time and pump more liquid per minute - Pumping water, fuel, and other liquids can be difficult, especially when done manually. With this drill pump, your arms and hands will thank you. This pump can deliver a consistent and fast flow rate of 5.3-7.9 gallons (20-30 liters) per minute!

    ✓ No batteries and no power needed - The self-priming transfer pump works without batteries. Simply connect an electric drill to this pump, and you can transfer water, oil, and more! The hexagonal shaft of the drill pump is compatible with various types of drills.

    How to use it.

    1. Connect a hose to the inlet and outlet.
    2. Use the hose clamps if necessary.
    3. Attach the electric drill to the shaft.
    4. Turn on the electric drill to start the pumping process.

    Main Features:

    Consistent and fast pumping performance - 5.3-7.9 gallons (20-30 liters) per minute
    Can pump water, seawater, oil, diluted organic solvents, insecticides, liquid fertilizers, and more
    Compact, portable, and corrosion-resistant
    No batteries or electricity required
    Can be used with an electric drill
    Fits all types of drills


    Material: Thermoplastic plastic
    Dimensions: 5 x 2.5 inches (126x63 mm)
    Color: Black
    Inlet/Outlet Inner Diameter: 0.63 inches (16 mm)
    Inlet/Outlet Outer Diameter: 0.75 inches (19 mm)
    Flow Rate: 5.3-7.9 gallons (20-30L)/min (120W-350W 1500-2500RPM)


    1 x Water Pump
    2 x Hose Clamps
    2 x Screws
    2 x Racks

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